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Information is everywhere, from PDFs to brochures to webpages–and is essential to the way you do business. Lyon Ritchie will extend the quality your clients have come to expect from your company to your user guides, procedures and other technical documents.

We work with your team to create manuals and graphics that inform the target audience. Clear explanations, diagrams, animations or fully interactive illustrations allow the audience to explore and gain a deeper understanding of your product or service.

For ongoing documentation needs, Lyon Ritchie can develop a single-source solution to facilitate efficient and effective updates and new versions. For businesses needing documents in multiple formats, single-sourcing is ideal.

Expert Content Development

We pull your existing pool of documentation and images into a cohesive catalog, work collaboratively with subject matter experts to create documents, or a combination. We are experts in the following projects:

  • Product illustration and specifications
  • Help documentation
  • Applications and proposal projects
  • Internal procedures

For Pennsylvania’s highly competitive application process to obtain medical marijuana cultivation and processing permits, Lyon Ritchie pulled together content from multiple contributors into a cohesive set of documents and set the bar for a high quality presentation. The company’s ability to take a jumble of thoughts and ideas and weave them into a clear, concise and informative script is unmatched.

Laura Guncheon, VP, Project Management Office, Erie Management Group | Calypso Enterprises

Publishing Pipeline

Stylized 3D rendering
Fig. 1. Housing options for incoming university students (printed brochure).

Our single-source publishing system will be tailored to your requirements and your brand.

We have experience working with a broad variety of formats and transforming content into compelling content for print, the internet and e-books.

  • Data: Database tables, spreadsheets
  • Text: docx, odt, rtf, xml
  • Image: eps, dwg, tiff, jpg, png, and many others

Multi-Channel Publishing

  • Print: booklets, posters, handouts, and more
  • Web: Responsive HMTL, PDF
  • eBook: ePub, mobi

Technical Illustration

We can strengthen your message with visuals for print, the web, or the big screen.

  • 3D, perspective and isometric
  • Interactive, browser-based
  • Styles from realistic to line art
  • Maps (web and print)
  • Infographics and process diagrams
  • Animation

Interactive Illustration

Interactive illustration for the homebuilding industry.
Fig. 2. Interactive installation instructions for the homebuilding industry (mobile and desktop web-browser).

We bring your product, or process, to life in interactive 3D right in the web browser!

  • Product configurators
  • Educational content
  • Non-linear storytelling
  • Integrated with your existing web application or online documentation

3D Animation

Proposed security plan for a government building.
Fig. 3. Animated security plan proposal for a government building.

Tell a story, demonstrate product capabilities, or explain the benefits of your services through animation.

  • Script writing
  • 3D modeling from sketches, photos or CAD
  • Voiceover and music production available

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